Mind the Minutia: Maximizing your Earning Potential

As interior designers, we have thousands of miscellaneous fees attached to the necessary parts of our job that feel like dragging a ball and chain.  These costs incur, sometimes sitting [...]

Pricing Precision: Achieving Yearly Success through Mastery of Flat Fees and Hourly Rates

What is arguably the biggest question in how to make your business as profitable as it can be? Should I charge a flat fee or an hourly fee? Both can [...]

Creating a Vision Board for Design Success in the New Year

As Interior Designers, creative instincts are part of our DNA. We’re wonderful at creating vision boards for our clients’ projects, but have you ever curated one for yourself or your [...]

The Power of Planning: Developing a Strategic Roadmap for the New Year

Pat yourself on the back! You’ve navigated your way through 2023 and hopefully you are feeling proud. I know all too well how the holiday season anxiety can sneak in [...]

The Art of Prioritization: Maximizing Productivity as an Interior Designer

As Interior Designers, with multiple clients, projects and deadlines, it can be overwhelming when every project feels like your main priority. Oftentimes we need to take a step back, self-assess, [...]

Creating a Schedule that Works: Balancing Multiple Projects and Deadlines

Running your own Interior Design business has its challenges, especially when you’re juggling multiple projects, deadlines and managing communication internally and externally. This is why it’s so important to create [...]

Managing Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments: A Roadmap for Interior Designers

The concept of estimated tax payments for self-employed designers can be overwhelming, but it's a fundamental aspect of financial responsibility. Don’t drive down this daunting path alone! Circaphiles is here [...]

Design Your Finances: A Guide to Effortless Tax Recordkeeping for Interior Designers

In the world of interior design, creativity knows no bounds. Yet, amid the tapestries of textiles and symphonies of colors, there exists a less glamorous but equally vital facet of [...]

Managing Scope Creep: Navigating the Fine Line Between Client Requests and Practicality

As designers, we're tasked with translating our clients' dreams into tangible spaces, all while ensuring that projects remain on track, on budget, and aligned with the original vision. Oof, that [...]

Tips for how to make the most of Fall Market at High Point

High Point Market (HPMKT), a mecca for design inspiration, awaits – an immersive experience filled with endless treasures, unique insights, and the chance to connect with industry experts. But traversing [...]

Designing for Different Generations: Addressing the unique design preferences and needs of various age groups, from millennials to seniors

Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of interior design demands more than just a keen eye for aesthetics; it requires a deep appreciation for the diverse tapestry of generations that shape our [...]

Designing for Well-being: Exploring the impact of design on mental and physical health, including biophilic design and wellness spaces

Interior design has a, sometimes sub-conscious, profound impact on our mental and physical well-being. As our lives become increasingly intertwined with the spaces we inhabit, the design of our surroundings [...]

Preserving the Past: Techniques for Restoring and Reviving Antique Furniture

In the realm of antique furniture, you will encounter various approaches to restoration. Warning: Not all approaches are accurate and authentic! Some restorers prioritize achieving a flawless finish that aligns [...]

Treasure Hunting: Tips for Interior Designers to Source and Curate Antique Pieces

“According to the official definition, any item that surpasses the century mark is classified as an antique.  Therefore, any item is more than 40 years old and less than 100 [...]

5 KEY Tips to Learn before designing a custom piece of furniture

Embarking on the journey of crafting custom furniture is not one we take lightly here at Circaphiles. One piece of custom furniture can take a space from ordinary to extraordinary, [...]

How to Qualify a Custom Workroom

Here at Circaphiles, we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver top-tier vendors and artisans for your projects, no matter where in the world they are located. From furnishings and [...]

Sustainable Interior Design: How it Can Benefit Your Bottom Line

Sustainable interior design: an eco-friendly approach to create a beautiful, functional and safe home for a homeowner AND their environment. A growing trend in our industry (no pun intended) we [...]

Outside the Box Ways to Increase your Profit Margin

If I stopped you on the street and asked you, “how’s business?”, how would you answer?  I know, it is a loaded question! Because we are running businesses, not hobbies, [...]

Power Up your Networking Game

Networking: the exercise that seems to haunt us! The idea of circulating a room and struggling to strike up conversations and make meaningful connections after a full day’s work? There [...]

Creating a Successful Interior Design Portfolio (According to our Elite Ambassadors!)

An effective interior design portfolio requires more than just beautiful pictures. To accurately showcase your capabilities, style and experience, it would behoove you to include additional details which set you [...]

The Five Tips to Reach Out to Potential Clients (and Land Them!)

Did you know 35% of your company’s business comes from potential client outreach? (Small Business Trends) Although this exercise can be more timely and costly than focusing on your existing [...]

5 Golden Time Management Tips for Interior Designers

The life of an interior designer looks different every day (more like every hour!). To avoid feeling like a whirlwind of never ending to-do lists, we recommend practicing time management [...]

Managing Your Finances as an Interior Designer

Working in the interior design world is more than picking out paint colors and coordinating fabric swatches.  In order to maintain a successful interior design business, managing the financial aspects [...]

30 Install Kit Essentials | Plus: a few “in case of emergency” hacks

Being prepared for your client’s install is not something you should leave to the day of installation. Creating an install tool kit that is prepped and ready with all the [...]

Growing Your Team and What They Need to Master: How to build a successful interior design business

Entering a creative profession (*ahem* interior design!) carries its own set of obstacles, each as unique as the visionary! While there is no guide or defined road map, the process [...]

Nashville Shopping Guide

My recent trip to Nashville left me feeling warmed with Southern hospitality, refreshed and ready to get back to my clients with a renewed sense of creativity. Every time I [...]

The 5 Essential Client Documents You Need Before Starting Your Next Project

When diving into an exhilarating new project, the last thing you want is to be unprepared, scrambling to get it together. As designers and business owners, a million priorities run [...]

Communication is Key: Tips on communicating with clients during a supply chain disruption or project delays.

Communication is Key: Tips on communicating with clients during a supply chain disruption or project delays Living through the most unexpected and equally challenging time these past few years has [...]

Chic Shopping in Chicago…The Circaphiles Way!

Our last visit to Chicago was a whirlwind with all of the buzz at the Design Social Pop-Up! In our free time, we snuck in a little shopping and sightseeing [...]

Snapshot on Photography

You’ve spent months (if not years) sourcing for the perfect pieces, curating just the right fabrics and paints, and working alongside your preferred workrooms to bring to life custom finishings. [...]

Unlocked: Lloyd Princeton

WE RECENTLY CHATTED WITH FOUNDER AND PRINCIPAL CONSULTANT OF DESIGN MANAGEMENT COMPANY, LLOYD PRINCETON Lloyd has guided firms to growth through realistic goal-setting through building the right team. From negotiating contracts [...]

Paving the Road to Beautiful Interiors…One Tile at a Time

Just as each stone is laid to create a marvelous mosaic, Nancy Epstein, Founder of Artistic Tile, built the foundation of her company one step at a time with precise [...]

Unlocked: Lucia Schito

We recently chatted with circaphiles ambassador & Director of the Americas for Salone del Mobile over the past 20+years Lucia Schito Industry insider and a valuable point of reference for [...]

Paris is Always a Good Idea: Shop, Stay, Eat & Wander the Circaphiles Way

Every January, after the last remnants of the holiday season have been tucked away, designers from around the world descend on the city of lights. A menagerie of styles and [...]

Unlocked: Maryline Damour

We recently chatted with Circaphiles ambassador & inspiring designer MARYLINE DAMOUR  Damour Drake is a combination of Maryline Damour and Fred Drake, a duo that came together to offer their [...]

Uncovering Treasures: For the Holiday Season

photography  @hectormsanchezphoto; styling: @buffyhargettflowers & @ellyposton; location: @zerogeorgest Every year, I am elated to revisit my hometown of New Orleans to visit friends and family. The rich culture and collection of beautiful shops are [...]

Styling a Story with Margaret Zainey Roux

New Orleans-based Lifestyle Journalist and Interiors Stylist MARGARET ZAINEY ROUX has an eye for detail and a fresh approach to styling.  Her storied career has led her to collaborate with [...]

Unlocked: Courtney McLeod

We recently chatted with circaphiles ambassador & joyful designer Courtney mcleod Courtney McLeod is the founder and principal of Right Meets Left Interior Design, an award-winning, full-service design studio in [...]

Unlocked: Pulp Designs

We recently chatted with circaphiles ambassador & daring designers pulp designs Beth Dotolo and Carolina V. Gentry co-founded Pulp Design Studios in 2007 in hopes to bring a sense of [...]

Unlocked: Alex Woogmaster

With great enthusiasm, we are announcing our newest Circaphiles ambassador, Alex Woogmaster    Based in Las Vegas, Alex Woogmaster is the Founder and Creative Director of Woogmaster Studio, and long-time [...]

What I Wish I Knew: How Keith Granet has built a successful 30 year business & what he wants you to know about it.

What I Wish I Knew: How Keith Granet has built a successful 30-year business & what he wants you to know about it.           For over [...]

Uncovering Treasures: New Orleans

A melting pot of culture, art, and creole, there are few things I hold more dearly than my “hometown” of New Orleans. Last month, I went back to my Southern [...]

Unlocked: Sara Barney

We recently chatted with circaphiles ambassador & Colorful, creative designer Sara barney   Sara Barney is the Founder and Principal Designer of BANDD DESIGN and has mastered the art of [...]

When the Pandemic Hit, this Design Duo Built their Dream Business: Curious How?

When the Pandemic Hit this Design Duo Built their Dream Business: Curious How? Ever found yourself in the thick of an upholstery order wishing the lead time was shorter, that [...]

Creating Galmorous Interiors with Showstopping Style

CREATING GLAMOROUS INTERIORS WITH SHOWSTOPPING STYLE Arte gave Circaphiles the key to their studio doors in Belgium for an inside look at their latest collections with testaments straight from the [...]

Unlocked: Marea Clark

We recently chatted with circaphiles ambassador & SOPHISTICATED SOUTHERNER marea clark After a decade of practicing with the industry’s most lauded interior designers, Marea founded MCI and quickly garnered a [...]

Unlocked: Form Design Studio

We recently chatted with circaphiles ambassadors FORM DESIGN STUDIO The brainchild of Joshua Rose and Rafael Kalichstein, FORM Design Studio is a Los Angeles firm based on sustainability and beauty. [...]

How Russian Art & a Taos Wood Carver Unite to Hit All the Right Notes

How Russian Art & a Taos Wood Carver Unite to Hit All the Right Notes Esteemed furniture makers Casa Marrón open their studio doors to detail two of their latest [...]

Unlocked: Danielle Rollins

We recently chatted with circaphiles ambassador & Stylish entertainer Danielle ROLLINS Founder of Danielle Rollins Interiors, she is known for her bold, feminine and fresh designs. In addition to interior [...]

Unlocked: Liz Caan & Co.

We recently chatted with circaphiles ambassador & COLOR-HAPPY designer LIZ CAAN Here at Circaphiles we like to surround ourselves with inspiring friends, and Liz Caan certainly falls into that category. [...]

Westweek 2021: Silver Linings Launch Party

PACIFIC DESIGN CENTER & CIRCAPHILES PRESENT: WESTWEEK 2021 OPENING NIGHT KICK-OFF CELEBRATION An evening filled with friends, fun, and of course, lots of design talk. It was such a pleasure [...]

Focus on excellence: A deep dive into the details of the Black Artists and Designers Guild Obsidian Virtual Showhouse

Images: courtesy of obsidian house From changing scope mid-project to managing clients and pesky backorders, there are few things the design community is better equipped to handle than a last-minute [...]

How to land interior design clients online

Images: Michelle Nussbaumer, Pulp Design Studios, Amber Interiors, Laura Hodges, David Kleinberg 2020 handed the design industry both a massive challenge and opportunity.  On one hand, we lost the ability [...]

What I Wish I Knew – Michael Berman & Lindsey Shook, California Home+Design Editorial and Brand Director

What I Wish I Knew - Michael Berman & Lindsey Shook The Learning Curve of Licensing Deals: What is the roadmap to a successful licensing deal? Michael Berman will reveal [...]

What I Wish I Knew: Timothy Corrigan & Krissa Rossbund, Traditional Home Senior Style and Design Editor

What I Wish I Knew - Timothy Corrigan & Krissa Rossbund Oh, to be a new designer. So many questions, so many discoveries to be unveiled. And one A-lister —Timothy [...]

A letter from Genevieve

      I am so excited to welcome you to your new, trusted and FUN corner of the world (wide web), The Philes. We are consistently working behind the [...]