The Five Tips to Reach Out to Potential Clients (and Land Them!)

Did you know 35% of your company’s business comes from potential client outreach? (Small Business Trends) Although this exercise can be more timely and costly than focusing on your existing clients, it is essential, for those of us who are just launching our design business and are seeking to expand, to have room in your project load ‘on the boards’ or have (heaven forbid) recently lost a client. 

Let’s cut down on the time, energy and money spent and cut to the brass tacks! My secret sauce to reaching out to new clients is targeted, efficient and strategic…exactly what you need in your busy life of juggling site visits, team meetings and product sourcing! Read on to determine where to find your next client…


The very first step is to identify your target audience. The best way for me to classify this future client is through the creation of avatars. This includes the type of personalities I jive with and the project genres I truly enjoy. For example, do you work best with women leaders with high-powered jobs or hospitality and dining projects interfacing with builders? Do you communicate best with younger or older generations?  Millionaires or (do we dare) billionaires?

interior design by kasha paris, image courtesy of colour your casa


Once you’ve figured out the type of clientele that makes you tick (and keeps your bank account healthy), devise a strategy that feels genuine to you.  

I grew up in the South in a conservative household where writing notes remains an alive art to this day. It also gives me joy! In this spirit, I handwrite personal notes (on custom stationery, of course!) to potential clients remarking on their home and inviting them to coffee to discuss a design project they may have in mind. This package also includes branded items displaying my work and a handy keepsake. While these decks do require a higher financial investment on my part, I remind myself of the large expenditures clients devote to their home design. When they see the details I dedicate to my branded package, it is easy to foresee the meticulous diligence I will apply to their own home design. 

The hand-delivered method also ensures I don’t get lost in a sea of emails, and my potential client sees the detailed care I provide, even before we engage in a contract. According to Forbes, direct mail can encourage potential customers to engage with brands on other platforms. It drives 92% of customers to learn more about a business online and propelled 87% to make online purchases. Cut through the digital marketing noise and make a memorable first impression with a tactile, beautifully put together direct mailer.

interior design by olivia erwin


Getting your boots on the ground (physically and digitally) is a great way to discover the neighborhoods you want to work in. Ask yourself: where do you want to work? Do you admire the homes in a neighborhood on the lake in your city, or do you aspire to vacation in Hawaii? Once you have pinpointed the neighborhood(s) you envision yourself working in, target those zip codes and send your mailers there. Instead of getting overwhelmed by the size of a big city, concentrate on a pocket of it for your mailer distribution.  

Pro tip! One thing to consider before advertising to new territories is….do you have the trade resources to service a project there?  Well, that’s where Circaphiles vendor directory comes in handy!


We are all guilty of indulging in “Zillow porn.” (Yes, you know what I am talking about!) Make the hours you spend scrolling through stunning homes productive and research homes in the areas you want to work and identify home sales above a certain value. This is another great way to introduce yourself and offer to ease new homeowners settling into their abode!


Capitalize on your personal network. This includes your friends in your social circle and your family…even your kids! Volunteer to decorate the annual holiday party or host a book club in your styled home. Show what you do instead of just mentioning in passing that you’re an interior designer. Seeing your work in person and hearing your passion for design makes a world of difference! Then listen to the referrals roll in…

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