Unlocked: Lucia Schito

We recently chatted with circaphiles ambassador & Director of the Americas for Salone del Mobile over the past 20+years Lucia Schito

Industry insider and a valuable point of reference for many iconic international brands, Circaphiles ambassador, Lucia Schito sat down with us to dicsuss what’s inspring her, her career and everything in between. Plus she is sharing ways designers can lean on her as a resource! With over 20+ years as an ambassador for some of the top Italian design companies she is seasoned at partnering with the world’s leading architects and designers on their most delicate projects.


1. In all of your experience with Italian furnishing brands, which companies have stood out to you and why?

It’s hard for me to single out one company or another.  It would feel like playing favorites. Considering a number of different product categories, I would say, companies like Porro, Kartell, CC-tapis, Valcucine, Salvatori, Moroso, Antonio Lupi, Gessi, Flos who have invested in innovation along with creativity and have embraced new ways of conducting business with an understanding of global dynamics while preserving their identity are definite stand outs.


2. What are the advantages for a US designer to work with an Italian brand?

Italian brands are, for the most part, family run businesses which are very proud of their heritage, their passion and individual style. They don’t like to cut corners to favor profit over design. These values are apparent in the attention to detail of their products and collections. A designer who includes an Italian piece in their project gets to include something that goes beyond the piece in itself. It’s about romance, passion, tradition – a piece of art.

Image: luski

3. How can Circaphiles interior designer members lean on you as a resource?

I’ve been in the design industry for the past 20+ years as an ambassador of the best Italian design companies and, thanks to the relationships I’ve formed over these years, I can facilitate direct and personalized access to the manufacturers who Circaphiles’ members would like to meet or also identify the best potential source for their projects, help arranging factory tours and exclusive access to behind-the-scenes creative processes.


4. What’s your best-kept secret for inspiration?

Photography – (particularly black and white) because it always makes me look at things through a different lens ….no pun intended!

5. As an extensive traveler, which destinations would you recommend for designers seeking fresh inspiration?

Puglia, Italy for its beautiful coastlines, healthy simple southern Italian cuisine & heritage. Lecce, nicknamed “Florence of the South”, and Otranto, full of incredible byzantine mosaics, are must-see destinations.  The area is still very pristine and relatively undeveloped but is gaining attention among the design community and celebrities alike.


6. Tell us about where you are from, how you were raised, and how that has led to your career in the design industry.

I was born in a small town in the south of Puglia, on the very heel of the boot that is Italy. From there my passion for architecture and design brought me initially to Milan, then to Germany with Benetton and later to Miami as brand ambassador for Bisazza, Dedar, Hermes Home Fabrics and ultimately the entire Italian design community as Director of the Americas for Salone del Mobile over the past 20+years.

Image: inspirato