Creating a Vision Board for Design Success in the New Year

As Interior Designers, creative instincts are part of our DNA. We’re wonderful at creating vision boards for our clients’ projects, but have you ever curated one for yourself or your business? With the new year upon us, now is the time to get crafty and start dreaming! But where to begin, you may ask… Follow these simple steps and let the juices flow (does that inspire you to pour a nice glass of wine?!).

Unplug & Dream Big

First and foremost, resist the urge to look up ideas online. Turn on your favorite musician, light a candle or a fire. The goal is to truly unplug and think deeply about what success looks like to you in the new year. 

Next, set an intention for your vision board. Quiet your inner critic and open yourself up to abundance. Don’t talk yourself out of selecting images you feel drawn to. Allow yourself to dream big– remember, the sky is always the limit!

Assemble Your Board– Supplies?

Now it’s time to begin assembling your board. Yes, I mean create one the old-fashioned way and not on the computer. You’ll need to gather supplies such as:

  1. A framed bulletin board/foam core board (something that is sturdy enough to hang for at least Q1)
  2. Go to your local magazine stand or grocery store to stock up on a variety of genres.
  3. Grab scissors to cut out your inspiration, and push pins or glue sticks to hang them.


Core Categories To Consider

Once you have all of your supplies, you can begin asking yourself– What does success in 2024 look like to me? And apply this question to each of these categories:

  1. Relationship with your loved ones (partner, family, friends)
  2. Career aspirations
  3. Financial health
  4. Mental and physical wellness
  5. Shelter (where you live)
  6. Faith and beliefs in higher powers
  7. Morals and values
  8. Travels
  9. Hobbies

Progress Is The Key!

Remember— if you only have a few things on your board, that’s perfectly you! It shows where you are focused and what is most important to you at the time.

However, try to answer all the above questions/categories in a document you can keep in a safe place you’ll remember, even if they don’t all make it onto your board. Refer back to this list at the beginning of every month or quarter. Take stock of your progress and what wins you’ve had so far. You might find your priorities have shifted, and now you’re motivated to pursue something else. 

Life is ever-evolving, but this is a great way to continually remind yourself of your goals and find ways to accomplish them Lastly, remind yourself that Rome was not built overnight!


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