30 Install Kit Essentials | Plus: a few “in case of emergency” hacks

Being prepared for your client’s install is not something you should leave to the day of installation. Creating an install tool kit that is prepped and ready with all the handiest items (plus a few more you might not know you need!) is the best way to ensure the final step of your project is executed flawlessly. Below is a list of my tried and tested necessities, along with some extras that have come in very handy throughout my interior design career. Here’s to never being unprepared on install day ever again!

interior design by circa genevieve id, photography by talia claire photography



  1. Extra light bulbs – candelabra & Edison base options
  2. Extension cords – white and brown options, flat plug style option
  3. Slim outlet adapters/concealers
  4. Lighter – to light those last minute candles before clients walk in




  1. Level – for last minute picture hanging
  2. Picture hanging kit with hammer and nail size options
  3. Pliers, wrench
  4. Screwdriver – Phillips head and flathead options (I also keep a mini screwdriver kit)
  5. Sandpaper
  6. Tape measure – more than one (labeled with your name)
  7. Box cutter and pairs of scissors
  8. Carpet tape
  9. Packing blanket
  10. Sharpies
  11. Copies of furniture plans – to tape to room walls for instructing movers




  1. Soft cloths, paper towels, feather dusting wand
  2. Glass Plus (best for removing streaks) & paper towels
  3. Apron – to protect your clothes while arranging flowers, and other messy maneuvers
  4. Toothbrush – for getting in nooks and crannies to dust carvings, etc.
  5. Steamer and iron – for making bedding photo-ready




  1. Furniture markers – include white for beach home installs (I love Minwax brand.) 
  2. Felt pads and clear bumpers – many size, color and shape options
  3. Furniture glides
  4. Goo-Gone
  5. Superglue/gorilla glue
  6. Museum wax – for all those earthquake (or kid) proof display cabinets
  7. Double-sided velcro
  8. String
  9. Blue painters tape
  10. Zip ties – for unruly lamp cords or office wire management
  11. Small paint brush


FOR YOUR SANITY (in case of emergency…aka: you’re definitely going to need these!)


  1. Bottles of water
  2. Protein bars
  3. Fan – battery powered handheld fan or good ole fashion, collapsible, tiny accordion fan
  4. Phone charger




  1. Compact trunk on wheels
  2. Rolling suitcase or tool box
  3. My preference:  plastic bin with locking lid and handles


Replenish your tool kit after each install in preparation for the next round. Hardware store runs are usually inconvenient (and time-consuming!). 

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