When the Pandemic Hit this Design Duo Built their Dream Business: Curious How?

Ever found yourself in the thick of an upholstery order wishing the lead time was shorter, that the process was a bit more user-friendly (more information please!), or perhaps a bit less intimidating.  Denver-based designers Lindy and Jordan Williams had those exact thoughts. AND they decided it was time to do something about it.

Meet Saltwolf!

Image via saltwolf


A to-the-trade, modern furniture line, the brand is the answer to all of the frustrations the duo experienced as designers. In the midst of a global pandemic, they forged ahead to create the one-of-a-kind business model that features lightning-fast turnaround times (ahem, they ship every Friday and offer white-glove delivery), a web-based ordering system that allows for email updates at every step of the way, and luxury fabrics that are ALWAYS in stock.  Rest assured, the eight-way hand-tied spring system remains a sustainable choice in all parts of their furniture.  

We sat down with the duo to learn more about their brand, their journey, and their pieces! 

Linden sofa in Indigo linen,  Image via saltwolf

this summer saltwolf is hitting the road in their mobile showroom,  Image via saltwolf



Q. You started this brand in the midst of a pandemic and without a background in furniture making, quite an undertaking. Where did you start? 

 A. Like many interior designers, we started by making custom pieces for our client projects. Once we learned more about the way the trade furniture industry works and saw the opportunities to modernize it, we realized we could make it so much better. The timing at the start of the pandemic definitely wasn’t ideal, but in hindsight, it gave us space to develop and refine Saltwolf in meaningful ways before we officially launched the brand.

belgian linens, italian leathers, and american-made performance velvets that are always in stock,  Image via saltwolf



Q. As interior designers yourselves, what key elements were you looking for in the pieces you created?

A. Quality, simplicity, and sustainability. We create pieces we would have in our own home and that could confidently sell to our own clients. The style of our launch collection is simple, but classic and works in many different aesthetics. The market is flooded with fast, cheaply made “throwaway” furniture which is heartbreaking for so many reasons. We are passionate about making pieces that will truly last the test of time.

  • Q. Can you give us a breakdown of what is unique about your pieces and the aspects of their creation? 

    A. we think the most unique thing about our brand, and our furniture pieces is that they can be configured, specified, and ordered completely online, but without compromising on quality. Online-only furniture brands have historically been cheap and fast, and direct to consumers, not designers. While luxury, made-to-order American furniture in the trade space has been only available through third-party showrooms, sales reps, and outdated ordering systems. Saltwolf is the first brand to offer luxury trade furniture fast, only to designers and only online. As designers ourselves, we know this model is overdue in the industry and we are confident it will help so many designers be more efficient, more profitable, and more successful.


  • Q.  What has been the most surprising part of your journey?

    A. fabric sourcing! Finding high-quality and responsibly made fabrics we can stock to meet our lead times has been really hard. After many hours on the phone, trips to textile mills and months of research we finally found exactly what we hoped for with our Belgian linens, Italian leathers, and American-made performance velvets.





Saltwolf is hitting the road this summer to (safely) bring Saltwolf to you! Their Mobile Showroom creates the unique opportunity to touch and feel the pieces from their line and large format samples of their stock materials. This past month, along the golden coast of Southern California, we were honored to lift up Lindy and Jordan in launching their new endeavor as they made their first stop in Southern California. Two days filled with friends, face-to-face conversation, relating to challenges in the industry, and, of course, plenty of comfortable seats! 

Be sure to stop by their site to see where they are pulling into town next and bring one of their luxury, handcrafted pieces to your next project!

this summer saltwolf is hitting the road in their mobile showroom,  Image via saltwolf

this summer saltwolf is hitting the road in their mobile showroom,  Image via saltwolf