What I Wish I Knew to Include in a Worry-Free, Ironclad Interior Design Contract


Creating a solid Letter of Engagement and Contract is one of the tasks that designers often shy away from. We know it’s important, but our emotions – fear, uncertainty, perfectionism – hold us back. What we need is a clear contract that covers all the bases. That’s where this Circaphiles Expert Guide comes in!

In this 51-page Expert Guide, Timothy Corrigan, internationally-awarded interior designer, and Genevieve Trousdale, founder of Circaphiles, steer that stellar first impression you made (maybe even with the help of Circaphiles’ first Expert Guide) towards a strong, effective contract that ensures the lines of communication between you and your client stay open and that will also protect you and your business from misunderstandings and – we hate to say it – lawsuits. Maybe you’re thinking, “But I already have a contract.” We believe that it can always be improved!

Timothy and Genevieve share what they learned the hard way – through experience – so that you can start your first day on your new project knowing that you will get paid on time and that the client is clear about your business model and your fees. Filled with the confidence of having a legal contract protecting you, navigating the inevitable pitfalls will be more like encountering the minor annoyance of a speed bump and less like blowing out your tire in a pothole!