Budget Template


This Budget Guide and Template is designed for designers of ALL levels: 

  • – Emerging designers needing best practices from the early stages of setting up their own interior design business
  • – Solopreneurs growing their team and wanting to pass off this task of creating and maintaining a budget
  • – Established designers wanting to refine and restructure their systems – maybe this template is something you always wanted to have but never made the time to put it together.

Genevieve Trousdale created this guide because, in the early days of her career, she wished she knew how important it was to look at the numbers constantly throughout a project, not just when presenting it to the client at the start of the project. As much as Genevieve wanted to keep her head in the pretty fabrics and furniture, she learned that a budget is your lifeline throughout the lifetime of your project. If the client knows you are in control and care about their investment, all the more trust exists in your relationship.

In this Experts Guide, Genevieve will lead you through a step-by-step system for setting up the template tailored to suit your firm and your projects. + offer valuable tips on how to walk your client through a budget.  The downloadable template is in excel format, complete with configured formulas, developed and based on a cost-plus pricing model.




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