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Live “Key Call”: Winning Strategies for Bidding Interior Design Projects


Arguably the hottest topic consistently in the industry...designers of every level love to exchange information about pricing, but often are too hesitant to bluntly ask.  With so many pricing models for interior designers, we will be chatting about which methods work and which don't.  Circaphiles ambassador, Sara Malek Barney of Bandd Design to share her wisdom […]

Green to Gold: How design can be sustainable and profitable

Pacific Design Center

Sustainable design: how can it benefit the bottom line and mother earth? Welcome experts Kishani Perera of Kishani Perera Inc., Allen Compton of SALT Landscape Architects and Michael Kovac of Kovac Design Studio who are forging a harmonious bond between man-made structures and nature for the longevity and sustainability of the homes of tomorrow. Join us […]



Led by Kevin Sasser of Argos Risk, this insightful workshop that delves into the critical aspects of interior design project management, focusing on the careful financial vetting of clients and vendors, protecting your business and financial interests, and ensuring satisfaction even in challenging situations. In this workshop, we will explore strategies and best practices for […]

LIVE “KEY CALL”: the scoop on personal residential development investments


Join us for an informative workshop that addresses the unique challenges interior designers face when venturing into personal residential development investments. Discover effective strategies for overcoming obstacles and leveraging your design expertise to maximize returns. Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to residential development, this workshop provides valuable knowledge and practical advice to […]

LIVE “KEY CALL”: optimizing time management


Gain the skills essential to optimize your time management as an interior designer in our transformative workshop. Overcome common time management challenges specific to the industry, such as juggling multiple projects, coordinating with vendors, and meeting client deadlines. Our expert facilitators will share valuable insights, tips, and best practices to help you regain control over […]


Euroconcepts Kitchens 8687 Melrose Avenue, Suite B121, West Hollywood, United States

Join us at the Pacific Design Center on September 27th for Fall Market with our gracious host Euroconcepts Kitchens! As the design world is often faced with the challenge of addressing wastefulness, it may be surprising the key to creating beautiful design while remaining eco-conscious lies in our very own backyards. Welcome our expert panelists, […]

LIVE “KEY CALL”: maximizing financial efficiency and compliance


Gain a comprehensive understanding of tax obligations, deductions, and strategies to maximize financial efficiency while ensuring compliance with regulations. Explore industry-specific tax considerations, such as tracking project expenses, handling client reimbursements, and managing deductions for home-based businesses. Learn from Peter Lang, founder of The Designer CPA, who will provide practical insights and tips to optimize […]



Join us as we look behind the curtain and discover all the details of bespoke window coverings. Learn the fundamentals of measuring, selecting fabrics and all the specifications to ensure optimal function and looks. From draperies and shades to valances, this workshop equips you with the knowledge and skills to elevate your interior design projects […]


The Pendry Newport Beach Newport Beach, CA 92660, Newport Beach, CA, United States

The Design Social is a curated pop-up concept created to better connect interior designers with the creatives and makers behind the products they love. Meet and shop with the creatives behind many boutique brands from all over the country.  Enjoy panels moderated by editors Kaitlin Petersen of Business of Home and Rachael Burrow of Veranda, makers […]

LIVE “KEY CALL”: prepping for success in 2024


From goal setting and strategic planning to enhancing your professional brand and marketing efforts, this workshop covers it all. Gain practical insights and expert guidance on effective strategies for project management, client acquisition, staying up-to-date with industry trends, and fostering a thriving network. Don't miss this opportunity to align your goals and aspirations for 2024 […]

live key call: vetting clients


Finding and vetting new clients is one of the tasks that many designers have an aversion to; we accept that it’s an integral part of the process that gets us to the fun part....DESIGN, but when a referral or an inquiry comes in, many designers expend time and effort reinventing the wheel because they don't […]

live key call: mastering the art of bespoke dining table design


Join us for a little table talk with Keith Fritz. Discover the craftsmanship, creativity, and attention to detail required to design and create bespoke dining tables that reflect your unique style and meet the specific needs of your clients. Since 1999, Keith Fritz and his cadre of artisans have been privileged to craft custom furniture […]

Live Key Call: Lessons in Paint Color Theory


Join us for a colorful conversation, led by Sydney Harbour Paint Company, as we explore the intricacies of color palettes, harmonies, and the psychology of paint colors. Whether you're a seasoned designer or a color enthusiast, this discussion will deepen your understanding of the art and science of color in interior design. Sydney Harbour Paint […]