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Live “Key Call”: Building a Profitable Business


Are your projects generating a flush income, after your staff, business expenses and taxes are paid?  So many projects are quite attractive in the beginning, but sometimes do not produce the revenue you were counting on.  In this call, we'll be chatting about how to avoid that situation (and so many others) and bring home […]

Live “Key Call”: Winning Strategies for Bidding Interior Design Projects


Arguably the hottest topic consistently in the industry...designers of every level love to exchange information about pricing, but often are too hesitant to bluntly ask.  Enter this Key Call opportunity!  With so many pricing models for interior designers, we will be chatting about which methods work and which don't.   Bring all your questions and be […]

Live “Key Call”: Going Custom


Intimidated by specifying 100% custom furnishings?  Not to fear!  We will be sharing our tired and true tips and tricks of communicating with workrooms and developing your seamless process from a napkin sketch to a finished furniture piece.  You may be thinking you have the process nailed....we feel there is always something to be learned […]