Genevieve Trousdale shares how she runs her own design firm.

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business by LuAnn Nigara. This week, I’m joined by Genevieve Trousdale. After coming from working in two large firms, Genevieve launched her own firm. She grew her business to serve luxury clients and tackle high-income projects. But unlike most other designers on her level, Genevieve chooses to keep some things simple, running her business on her own and taking on just a few projects per year. Today, we’re talking about how she manages it, why she chooses it, and the importance of staying true to your values in your business.


Pick it apart:

[7:18] Genevieve talks about the experience of working under great influences and what she learned along the way.

[11:58] Genevieve shares why she chooses not to expand her firm and bring on other designers.

[20:44] Genevieve reveals what she looks for in others when she does need to outsource work.

[25:03] LuAnn and Genevieve talk about the expectations in the design world and how to stick true to who you are.

[33:51] Genevieve explains how she created a resource for other designers to get questions answered and form a community.

LuAnn and Genevieve’s Ah-Ha moments:

“This is amazing to me…it’s unusual that you’ve reached that level of design client but you’ve maintained the solo firm and you’re making money.” -LuAnn Nigara

“The pretty part, I can take care of. I like to take care of that. So I’m looking for someone with street smarts.” -Genevieve Trousdale

“There are pressures of ‘Why aren’t you scaling your company and searching for the next best thing.’ I am—but I’m doing it my own way.” -Genevieve Trousdale

A new, private trade-only community provides sage advice, education and vetted sources.

Photo: Amy Barnard Photography

When an interior designer brainstorms a new idea for the industry, it is usually because said designer could not find what they desired and turned the void into an opportunity. Such is the case with Genevieve Trousdale, founder of Circaphiles, an exclusive trade community designed to be “a designer’s right hand,” a central, credible and positive space for established designers, up-and-comers and students to connect with their peers and makers on multiple levels.



How this invite-only design network is looking to revitalize the industry

By Marina Felix

For those familiar with the members-only dating app The League, you know that its luster comes from its exclusivity. Get past the gatekeepers, and suddenly members find themselves interacting with a like-minded crowd. (The app’s slogan: “Are you told your standards are too high? … Join The League.”) When it comes to running a high-end interior design firm, day-to-day operations bring designers face to face with a host of challenges—and when looking for advice, that notion of tapping into a network of like-minded peers resonates too.



Genevieve Trousdale Shares WHY You Should Add Webinars to Your Portfolio

Why should you add webinars to your portfolio? Is the ROI worth the time and investment that you put into it? Darla is a huge fan of webinars—and so is today’s guest, Genevieve Trousdale. She launched a webinar series earlier this year and has seen nothing but positive results from her effort. To hear WHY it’s such a good move for your business, listen to this episode now!

Genevieve is the owner of Circa Genevieve, an interior design company that embraces southern tradition and french style. Each webinar Genevieve has hosted is a teaser for the launch of Circaphiles which is a members-only platform for professional designers to share resources set to launch October 2020.


Genevieve Trousdale runs the interior design firm Circa Genevieve.

Photo: Amy Barnard Photography

The COVID-19 crisis accelerated one particular aspect of interior designer Genevieve Trousdale’s longstanding plans to introduce a new professional online platform. Under the auspices of her Circaphiles project, which officially launches in September, last month Trousdale sprang into action and began hosting weekly webinars called Save Our Suppliers (“SOS” for short) featuring presentations by select vendors in the industry. The series’ six sessions so far have welcomed creatives around the globe “During this pandemic we need to lean into each other a little more and help support the greater good,” the L.A. resident tells AD PRO of her motivation for hosting the sessions.