I hope your new year is off to a wonderful start and you’re feeling optimistic and energized going into 2021.

All things happen for a reason and sometimes it takes a little bit of time to piece it together.

2020 was a challenge for the home and design community. We didn’t have the opportunities to meet in person like we normally do at events and tradeshows.

But we’ve also experienced a new wave of people around the world reconnecting with home, their space, and what it means to create a sanctuary both for work and life.

Many will continue to work from home and turn their homes into their businesses and offices.

Many will shift careers and start new businesses.

Businesses will change the way they interact with customers in-store.

And, when we get it back, communal spaces will hold more importance than ever.

This is a wonderful opportunity for our industry to reconnect with customers and each other and deliver in a way that meets our new world.

We’ve become more global while learning to care for what’s local.

I’m so happy to have launched Circaphiles for this reason. Our goal is to connect incredible, individual artisans, artists, and vendors with top interior design talent. We bridge the individual and the “hidden gems” with international customers and clients. Our community gives designers access to unique, outstanding options to bring their work to the next level.

As we go into this year, I hope Circaphiles is a tool for you to connect globally to learn and excel business together as we knit the fabric of our industry back together – with the highest double rub count! . I hope it’s a resource to connect personally with other like-minded people in our industry and expand your network. Most importantly, I hope our community is a place of inspiration and motivation to have an outstanding year, no matter what!

We’re heading into a period of great opportunity. I am elated to help you seize it!


GT’s take-aways of 2020:

  1.  Everyone’s guard came down and we were able to talk real, raw, finally lending transparency and bringing clarity to some rarely-talked about struggles that interior designers face. It felt good to experience those “a-ha” moments, didn’t it?!
  2. The forced slower pace of life heightened my awareness of setting goals and editing out what didn’t serve me.
  3. Priorities were rearranged and I made extra efforts for self-care and improving my work/life balance. “Sweating the small stuff” became easier to beat!



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Photo: Amy Barnard Photography

When an interior designer brainstorms a new idea for the industry, it is usually because said designer could not find what they desired and turned the void into an opportunity. Such is the case with Genevieve Trousdale, founder of Circaphiles, an exclusive trade community designed to be “a designer’s right hand,” a central, credible and positive space for established designers, up-and-comers and students to connect with their peers and makers on multiple levels.